Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Actually Won Something!

Seeds of Change was having a contest on facebook. They displayed 3 pictures of flowers on their facebook page and contestants had to be the first to correctly guess the popular AND scientific names of each flower. And guess what? I won! They told me to pick 3 seed packets from their catalogue and they would ship them to me. I picked Dragon Carrot, Rosa Bianca Eggplant, and Cherokee Purple Tomato. As A bonus they sent me one packet each of the flowers that I guessed correctly. How Nice! The packets the seeds came in are really neat too. They are a light weight plastic that reseal. That means next time I forget my seeds outside and it rains, They wont all be ruined! YAY! Here are the pictures that where given for people to guess on:

Mckanna's Columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris

Everlasting Starflower
Scabiosa stellata

Pacific Beauty Calendula
Calendula Officinalis

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