Sunday, July 19, 2009

Massacre in the Backyard

As I walked out to my garden yesterday something seemed awry. Then it hit me. Try as I might, I couldn't stop the scream that came from my mouth "Oh my god they killed everything!" After that came the wailing. I'm still not completely sure as to why 911 was not called. Any spectators Ihad (and I'm sure I had them, the way I was going about) must have thought I found the dead body of a loved one in the back yard. Scattered about were the remnants of my tomato,pea,bean,carrot,beet,and cucumber plants. I have never been so upset in my life to be at the point of being physically sick... until yesterday. All that hard work gone. I thought of the many days I had worked until I couldn't move anymore. I thought of digging out the lawn in 35 degree temperatures. I thought of the money that had just flown right out the window. Then I was MAD. At this point if I had been the "They" I spoke of earlier I had run to the next county. Also at this point I began to understand completely why some murderers were allowed to plead mentally insane. While poor Jer tried to piece back together what was left of y garden, I was heading into the house. "They" knew they were in trouble as I opened the door. Everybody ran. At which point I was trying to think of how I would haul all of these animals to the pound.

Stepping back a couple hours, you would see 3 cute little fuzzballs being let out into the backyard. 1 of the fuzzballs being mine, while the other 2 were my parents. We had agreed to dog sit while my parents were away. No big. We had had the dogs over before, no problems. I let them out into the backyard as usual. They all began a game of tag. They most I feared at this point was that they might get out. (One had escaped a couple weeks back and had terrorised a neighboring golf course for 2 weeks)

Anyway, as I was packing the animals up (including another dog we were sitting, who had absolutely nothing to do with the mess outside) Jer walked in and tried to calm me down. I was hearing none of it though. I then preceded to try to pack up the cat (yes another innocent victim). Jer walked me back out to the garden. No it wasn't AS bad as I had thought, but it certainly wasn't good! Some of it was repairable. So that's what 8 hours of my day was spent doing yesterday. "repairing" my poor garden. Needless to say it looks very "thinned" out. I got some seed packets from Earl May (the only store within a 50 mile radius who still had them) to hopefully put something into the bare spots. I ended up with rainbow Swiss chard, 2 kinds of lettuce, spinach, yellow wax bush beans, and some silver dollar radish. I think I will still have room left. I'm not sure what else I will put in. Things I do have left are 4 better boy tomatoes, 2 Early girls (3 if you count 1 mangled, sad looking plant), 1 lemon boy, 1 very tore up German green tomato,some lettuce, 3/4 of my cucumbers, and 3/4 of my bush beans. My other stuff peppers, eggplant, pole beans, watermelon, strawberries, and herbs were left untouched. To upset yesterday to take pictures :( Here's the pics of the suspects of the "massacre". The 3rd dog Doesn't do much but lay out in the sun (hes very old) so I did not suspect him in the crime.





  1. Bad dogs! Were they chasing your bunny or was he just a bystander?

  2. The bunnies were bystanders, I'm not sure what those crazy dogs were thinking. Mine was sick the next day... it couldn't have been from eating all of those green tomatoes :)