Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Birds Have Landed

This is a post that I really wish I had pictures for. I have been searching for the past 2 weeks for the eagles that come through our area every year at about this time. Yesterday I finally spotted them! I figured they would be coming soon. The geese are migrating through here. ( The eagles follow the migrating geese and use them as a food source) Also the ice on the lake is slowly melting, and now there are spots where the birds can reach into the water to fish. It really is a sight to see. The eagles are massive. They stand about 3 feet tall and just walk around on the ice in loose groups. I saw about 6 together out on the ice yesterday at Lake Manawa. Its exciting to actually see them catch the fish.

Another bird that I caught a glimpse of yesterday was a robin. I haven't seen any robins around here in months. With the return of the robins, I will have to watch out for baby birds on my porch soon! Even though the official start of spring is Saturday, with all the birds coming back it sure does seen like Spring came a week early.

I will try to get some pictures today when we take Copper to the lake

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