Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teasing the squirrels

Jer found this contraption at or local feed store. Hook corn cobs onto the screws and you've got entertainment for the next couple of hours. As the squirrel tries to get the cob, the contraption starts to spin. The end product is a very upset squirrel either clinging upside down to the cob, or laying on the ground. After a few go's of it though they usually manage to get a cob off and eat away. FYI forgot to make it to the store to get more corn cobs :(

This feeder is my peace offering for the squirrels I manage to tick off with the other contraption. I like to watch them eat from my living room window. It's especially neat when its raining or snowing. Every once in a while, the feeder will cause the critters to scrap. Yesterday one was inside eating and another came up from behind. The one inside tried to run out the closed side of the tea jar. Unfortunately for him there was glass there. He ended up almost knocking himself out and on his back trying to escape.

Harvest today: lots of eggplant, one less than spectacular tomato, and a similar pepper. I have a feeling more eggplant delite is on the way!

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