Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I picked this last week but I thought it was so nice I'd share it with you now. I used the eggplants in eggplant delight. It was very good (Jer even said it smelled good, heaven forbid he actually taste it) It consisted of my eggplants and my onions fryed and topped with cheese. Sophie and Obama enjoyed the carrot tops, while I enjoyed the carrots. Today I picked lettuce, more banana peppers, peas, and some garlic chives. Oh and 1 eggplant

I got my first tomato last friday. It was off of one of my early girls. There was 1 more but something got it before I did. A storm last week toppled my early girls (bad stakes were used on those oops) Now I can not get them back up, they are too big. So now I'm left digging through them to find tomatoes. I found one that will most likley be ready tomarrow. Heres to hoping I get to it first.

My herb garden is lacking soil. I have neglected to repot some of my herbs :( Despite that my onion chives have flowered. I did get about half of my herbs into the garden before I ran out of room. The corriander is starting to seed, and my garlic chives are big compared to when i got them. My basil leaves alot to the imagination though. the leaves are itty bitty. Humph. I started it by seed a few months ago, maybe next time i will just buy it. My pinapple sage is going to have to be moved, it swallowed up my thyme and apple mint. I didnt imagine it would turn into a bush.

I decided to give beets a try in the garden. I put out some seed of Red Ace. These are some of the little sprouts that came up.Hopefully they are yummy. If not I hear Grandma Shirley likes them.

One of my strawberry plants decided to give it another go this week. I now have 3 little strawberries on it. Yum. Now this time I'm going to get to it before anything else does! I only got to eat 2 of the dozen that formed in the spring.Bird netting is a definant thing next year.

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