Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heres a cute picture of Obama defending her spot on the coffe table. I havent gotten to take many pictures of the bunnies outside. I get out in the backyard and all of my attention turns to my gardening.

This is a really dark picture of a little cucumber. I always go out to check the garden before I go in for the night to see if I missed anything (If I dont get it the critters will) I found this little guy and a couple of his friends hanging out in the cucumber patch

Here's the harvest for today: 3 tomatoes, an eggplant, a banana pepper, and one yellow bell that refuses to turn yellow :(

Heres last nights dinner. It had so much garden items I just had to put it on here.
Porkchops in an orange sauce
Fresh Green Beans
Eggplant delight (my eggplant and my onions fried up and topped with cheese)
Lemon Boy tomato
Baked Spaghetti Squash ( from a neighbors garden)
Jer of course refused most of the vegetables, but he would at least try a little before he said no. He did however take a liking to the beans. Tonights dinner chicken noodle soup. Stuff used from my garden: onions,carrots, green beans

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