Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flea Beetles and a Mister

I've come across the problem of flea beetles. They have taken a liking to my eggplants. I've tried picking them off a couple times a day and smashing them. ( which is quite fun I might add) This method did not work however.Everyday I would come out and find more. I did not want to just spray everything with pesticide as the lady at the garden center seemed so fond of doing. I've got a lot of lady bugs in my garden, I did not want them gone as well! So I went perusing the pest control aisle and found neem oil. I mixed it up like it said to on the bottle and just sprayed the affected plants, thus saving my ladybugs. I went out today and did not find a single flea beetle. Tiffany 1, Flea Beetles 110

Jer got me a surprise the other day. He thought I could use a mister for outside. The temperatures have turned more summerlike here lately and I got to use it today. It made being outside so much nicer. It also made me a little more motivated to clear all the weeds that have that have sprouted well like weeds from all the rain we've had.

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